Many people misuse the word “Innovation”. But this is where you will learn about who is doing it right (and wrong)…

What’s Really Needed To Get Into A Top Startup Accelerator? A Complete Checklist.

I’ve been involved in one way or another with business accelerators for more than thirty years. Sometimes you hear the names Accelerator and Incubator used interchangeably but these are two very different things. If you are a startup founder these differences are very important. Accelerators are big money for-profit entities with names like TechStars, Y […]

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The Five Simple Secrets For Big Company Innovation… Beware: Hungry StartUps Already Know About These. Are They Your Real Competition?

If your company is a Fortune 1,000 or even a wannabe Fortune 1,000 then you probably know the best way to grow your top line revenues is with real product/service innovation. Something completely new addressing customer pain points that can be sold through your current distribution channels. In fast moving markets this innovation may mean […]

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How to Take The Risk Out Of Scaling Your Next Innovation Idea… What Can Big Companies Learn From Lean Startups?

What’s the riskiest part of building any business big or small? Hint: This is the riskiest, most costly phase in and business timeline. You could be a few scrappy engineers trying to build a new company from a napkin pitch or a polished and professional big company team trying to develop and bolt on a […]

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What Will Really Disrupt The Disruptors?

The world is changing fast… The Tech World even faster. And every day it seems like a new technology incubator/accelerator pops up.  Universities, venture capital firms, big companies, and governments are jumping on the Incubator/Accelerator bandwagon like never before… Everyone involved with these business startup factories hope the next crop of disruptors is just a […]

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Leveraging New Year’s Resolutions To Power Your Company Forward In 2017 – The Secret To Setting Annual Goals And Getting Them Done

Everyone seems to have a few favorite New Year’s resolutions. The same ones show up on your list every year. It’s like your own personal greatest hits. I guess it’s human nature to optimistically set resolutions every January but fall short by the end of the month or even sooner. Unfortunately, when it comes to […]

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Where Will The Next Uber, DropBox or AirBnB Come From? What four things could be missing in startup accelerators?

Over the last decade or so startup accelerators have been a great source of inspiration, education, connections and capital for new companies. Y-Combinator, the granddaddy of them all started on March 11, 2005. Since then, just this one accelerator has churned out over a thousand new companies Unicorns like Uber, DropBox, and AirBnB got their […]

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