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SONOS is a  Santa Barbara, California consumer electronics company founded in 2002. The company makes a variety of wireless audio products designed to fill your home or office with the music of your choice. You use your smartphone or tablet to control where the music comes from and where it plays. You can pick music from the list on your iPhone, Pandora, Sognza, Rapsody, SIRIUS XM and more. Music can be sent to wired or wireless speakers. And that music sounds great.

It may seem odd in a day of ear buds to be talking about a company that supplies music over actual speakers but people still want to enjoy music together. And with a SONOS system that may be in the kitchen, on the screen porch, the family room, or the shower. All controlled from your smartphone.

Many deep-pocketed competitors have popped up in this space but none have shown any staying power.

SONOS started with the best technology and has continued to innovate and improve by adding new products and constantly upgrading current hardware and essential software.

But the real reason for SONOS’s dominance is their excellent customer support.

I have been a SONOS user for over seven years and when ever I have questions – even late at night or on a Sunday – SONOS is there ready to help. And I’m not talking about a customer service agent in some far off country who is long on polite niceties but short on language skills and technical knowledge. SONOS support agents are right here in the USA and very knowledgeable. Not that a lot of support is needed since the system is pretty much plug and play.

This is the reason why so many much larger companies have failed in this space… Even if there products were technically equivalent to SONOS they are just not able to deliver on the customer service side.

My only fear is that the closely held SONOS will be gobbled up by one of these big players then innovation and service will suffer.


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