Some selected innovation tools, tips, links and insights.


Can the right resource at the right time make all the difference? We think so. That’s why we keep a fresh list of innovation resources on hand.  Books, reports, web pages, CheatSheets, white papers, worksheets, and more…   All just a click away.


Design Thinking – What Works CheatSheet

The fourth Design Thinking step is conducting live experiments in the real world bring to the surface the incremental changes to make the idea resonate with live users and lead to success in the market.

Design Thinking – What Wows Cheatsheet

The third step when trying to solve "wicked" problems is to identify the brainstormed possible solutions that really get you excited then create prototypes to see if anyone else gets excited.

Design Thinking – What Is Cheatsheet

The first step when trying to solve “wicked” problems is to spend some time learning about the environment, requirements, and the people involved. Find their true Pain and passion points.

Outsourcing Resource Cheatsheet

If you have a technology based product and you are looking for a dependable lower cost programming team this might be a place to start your search.

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